The 5th grade took a survey on the three words that pop into people’s heads when they think of our school. We used a program called Wordle to see what words the lower school thought of. Wordle takes all the survey words, and depending upon how many times the word comes up, it will make that word bigger. At first we let everybody say there own three words, but then we narrowed down the words and gave the people multiple choices. The fourth grade used very peculiar and unusual words. They also had a larger variety of words. If you look at the 4th grade Wordle from a distance, two of the biggest words are fun and courage. On the other hand, 5th grade did not use peculiar words. 5th grade also had less and more concentrated words. Overall, fun and courage were the most popular. Educational words were very popular in 5th grade, but was very rare in 4th grade. This was a very interesting survey to work on.

4th Grade Wordle


5th grade Wordle

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