Introduction to the 2008-2009 Project

The fifth grade has recently been asked to do an all lower school survey.The fifth grade was asked to do this survey by the head of The Shipley Lower School.What the fifth grade did is they went to every grade to ask them what three words they think of when they think of Shipley. Next, we take the survey answers and we tally them up. Then we go on the computer and we make wordles. Wordles put the words into a big collage and show the words that people thought of the most,as the biggest words. Wordle helps us see what the common words and the noncommon words are. The words thats have only been said once or twice are smaller. Some people said fun, scary, and even boring. Fun was said a often and so was courage.We also used Excel a form of microsoft word where you make graphs and tables. It was a very interesting project.

Read about both parts of this fascintating survey.

Part 1-Open Ended Surveys and Wordles
Part 2-Multiple Choice Survey
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